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MoonWalk Explorer 2010 longlist:

Would you like to:

1. Learn about SamAdams and how Jim Koch has gained a well deserved position in the market, and hear the secrets of their success?

2. Learn how Saatchi & Saatchi help their clients build products and services that customers love?

3. Understand the business behind art?

4. Get Deep Insight on how one of Harvards most recognized professors, Clayton Christensen creates profitable growth in organizations?

5. Learn how General Electric became a $150 billion campany that promises 5% growth (that is $7,5 billion…) and actually delivers?

6. Understand the magic behind Camfire NYC and how they engage consumers? (Highlighting one of their latest success: The launch of the HBO series: True Blood.)

7. Understand the business behind sports?

8. Get the real story on how NYPD keeps a city like New York safe?

…Then you should join us for this years Explorer in New York & Boston 19-23 April 2010 🙂

Visit http://www.moonwalk.no (adventures) or send me an e-mail: tina.wesselsen@moonwalk.no for more information!

If you believe that benchmarking at best will bring you to second place, then Explorer is made for you!