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The Rock Star CEO of ROK Construction

MOONDAY at MoonWalk Observatory, Oslo.

Video, English: MoonWalk CEO Kenneth Winther in dialogue on Management Innovation with UK Executive of The Year Garvis Snook of ROK Construction and Professor Julian Birkinshaw, co-founder of Mlab at London Business School.

Meet the academic authority on Management Innovation, Professor Julian Birkinshaw from London Business School, discussing the future of management with ROK Construction’s rock star CEO. Hear the REAL STORIES behind the success at ROK. We posed the most CHALLENGING QUESTIONS and shared NEW INSIGHTS.

Learn how the UK Executive of the Year 2007 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 turned a small local ₤85 Million building company into a nationwide ₤1 Billion success. Get Prof. Birkinshaw’s latest advice to managers who are dedicated to making their company’s future greater than their past. Can management innovation change your future? Find out.