En MoonWalkende bank!

UBSDen sveitsiske banken UBS er et meget sterkt eksempel på Management Innovation i praksis. De fjernet hele budsjettprosessen!

Fra år 2003 til år 2005 gjorde ledelsen i UBS en endring bankverdenen sjelden hadde sett maken til.

“They desided to abolish the whole process, and in doing so they achieved dramatic changes in the culture of the organisation, and helped to reach record levels of growth.”

Toni Stadelmann, CFO i UBS sa “Our strategic challenge at that point was to shift the focus on costs to a focus on growth and efficiency. And that required a different culture, a different attitude. Why do we do the budgeting process when we are looking for growth? Budgeting is highly defensive. It is not just cumbersome, it is fundamentally againt growth. It is about negotiating down the targets that are proposed by the centre. And it causes people to talk about numbers not about clients and market opportunities.”

Som du sikkert skjønner var dette en prosess som gav mer fokus på hva kundene deres ønsker og drømmer om, mer tillit blant de ansatte og en positiv endring for hele organisasjonskulturen. Så hva endte denne radikale endringen med da?

“The results are certainly at record levels – in 2005 UBS Global WM&BB achieved profits before taxes of more than 6.6 billion Swiss Francs, compared to just 4.4 billion in 2003. But as Ziegler points out:” “It is difficult to say how much of this has come from the performance management system.” What is clear, though, is that the new system had a very positive impact on the atmosphere in the bank.” “As Stadelmann comments:” “Discussions on the sales process are of a much higher quality than before. We spend our time discussing clients and market opportunities, rather than negotiating figures“

Vil du lese hele artikkelsen publisert av MLab, London Business School, si fra til meg, så skal jeg sende den til deg, eller legge ut hele artikkelen på bloggen! 🙂


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